Daytona Rising – A Happy Hour for the Ages

Daytona Rising is the new development that Daytona Beach International Speedway just completed. They installed a massive complex that has every entertainment you can possibly imagine. Their tent area has become quite that happy hour party during race week. They serve great food and every alcohol you can imagine. They literally bring in truckloads of beer for that event each year. So you can’t go wrong at this happy hour which happens only twice each year, as they have great food in great drink for you in all of your friends.

The complex itself is really amazing and they spent more than $40,000,000 on the upgrades. It is also a very green construction build, as there are all kinds of energy efficient upgrades throughout the complex. They have solar applications all over the building and all over the stadium to make the entire facility more energy efficient. Their Daytona Beach, FL solar panels are all over the top of the stadium, and you can clearly see that they made the massive investment in solar technology. I would not be surprised if the entire facility is off the grid. It is becoming more and more common to see solar panels Daytona Beach all around the facility, from very large panels to very small panels.

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Health Benefits of Red Wine

red-wineThere are many benefits to drinking red wine. It has been well documented that red wine as many heart health benefits, and most doctors agree that one or two glasses of red wine each night can improve your heart health as well as our overall health. But most experts also agree that the key is to not go overboard. This is because if you stop at one or two glasses and you will realize good health benefits, the deep instead you drink eight or 10 glasses of wine than that can be detrimental to your health.

Scientists are not exactly sure why red wine is good for your health but it has been proven to be so. So when you come home after a long day of work before you have dinner, it is not a bad idea to open a bottle of red wine and relax and enjoy yourself. One reason that many doctors think that read wine is a health benefit is because it allows you to relax which reduces stress. And this would make sense because we all know that stress is not good for your health, and can age you in many different ways. Continue reading Health Benefits of Red Wine

Riptides in Ormond Beach

Happy HourRiptides is one of the best bars in Ormond Beach, FL. Its outdoor ambience is just perfect for any spring or summer happy hour at the end of a long work week. It is located near the beach so usually has a nice breeze coming off the ocean. The restaurant inside is very unique in that it has these torches that give it a very rustic look, and also a very warm look. This stuff and waitresses are very friendly and go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable.

At the outdoor bar they have many painted murals that look like they’re from the days of the Roman empire. They’re really fascinating and we’ll just engage you. They also have beautiful trees that overhang the outdoor patio and are shaped in very unique ways. They had Tree Service Ormond do the tree trimming work in tree cutting work, and they really did a phenomenal job. This company’s Ormond Beach tree service is really second to none, and they clearly have the expertise in tree trimming in tree removal. Continue reading Riptides in Ormond Beach

Hyde Park Happy Hour

happy-hour-drinksHyde Park is one of the nice is restaurant-bars in Volusia county. The steaks there are amazing, and it has an outstanding wine list. It also has one of the finest bars I have ever seen. It is so elegant and so refined, and is right on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We went there for our anniversary last summer and spent over $100 at the bar between fine wine and delicious appetizers.

The bar is a refined oak with a beautiful painting mural that reminds you of yesteryear. It just has a look and feel of a timeless place where you just feel very comfortable and really enjoy yourself. It is also a very happening local spot we will likely see many friends from the community. It’s a great place to hang out on a Friday evening and catch up on the week’s events. They have the fireball shot which has become very popular as a whiskey drink. Just don’t drink too many because you will definitely feel it the next day.

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