Best Wings and Beer in Town

Buffalo WingsA great family friendly bar and restaurant that you must try at some point is Houligan’s. It is a great experience in every way, whether you want to hang out at the bar and have a fresh beer or sit down with the family and have a great and tasty meal. I believe this branch of restaurants is mainly located in Florida, but they might extend beyond that.

I have found their wings and food to be truly outstanding. They have a wide variety of wings that are really delicious, and some ice cold beer to go along with them. A few years ago I had a great buddy, Jeff, that I used to meet every Tuesday night for wings and beer at Houligan’s in Palm Coast.  Jeff owns and works very hard, which means he also knows how to play very hard. He would work hard all day doing his carpet cleaning in Palm Coast, FL, and had a very successful business. But when we met each Tuesday night for wings and beer, it was time to cut loose and celebrate.

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Super Bowl Party Cocktails

Super Bowl PartyWith the Super Bowl only five days away let’s talk about the best party cocktails to serve at your big party. There are so many selections when it comes to the vast array of drinks to offer at your Super Bowl party, that the list is truly endless.  You really cannot go wrong when it comes to cocktails for your big party.  The main thing to remember is variety, and each person has different tastes.

The easy choice that nearly all guys appreciate, is your easy choice of domestic beers. There are so many great domestic beers to choose from that you really cannot go wrong. The most popular is Bud Light, but a close second is Miller Light. And really the best thing to do is to set up a cooler on your back patio and fill it with ice, and then the stock with cold beer. When you do this, you simply cannot go wrong.  Here is a great selection of domestic beers for every occasion.

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