Fine Restaurants

Fine dining restaurants are typically higher end and fancier restaurants. One enjoys everything about fine dining. There’s so much more to it than the exceptional food and drinks. There’s this aura to it—the dim lighting, furnished restaurants, the perfect music and the amiable service. One thing that strikes the fine dining restaurants apart from the regular ones is the professionalism of the dining staff. Dining in a fancy restaurant isn’t just eating, it’s an experience.

Today’s fine dining has evolved into an eclectic blend of cuisines and dining concepts. You might have noticed when dining at a nice restaurant, waiters often ask if you’re celebrating a special occasion. If you are, it’s not rare of them to surprise you with a complimentary dessert. This is not something that you will find in a regular restaurant.

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Riptides in Ormond Beach

Happy HourRiptides is one of the best bars in Ormond Beach, FL. Its outdoor ambience is just perfect for any spring or summer happy hour at the end of a long work week. It is located near the beach so usually has a nice breeze coming off the ocean. The restaurant inside is very unique in that it has these torches that give it a very rustic look, and also a very warm look. This stuff and waitresses are very friendly and go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable.

At the outdoor bar they have many painted murals that look like they’re from the days of the Roman empire. They’re really fascinating and we’ll just engage you. They also have beautiful trees that overhang the outdoor patio and are shaped in very unique ways. They had Tree Service Ormond do the tree trimming work in tree cutting work, and they really did a phenomenal job. This company’s Ormond Beach tree service is really second to none, and they clearly have the expertise in tree trimming in tree removal. Continue reading Riptides in Ormond Beach

Best Wings and Beer in Town

Buffalo WingsA great family friendly bar and restaurant that you must try at some point is Houligan’s. It is a great experience in every way, whether you want to hang out at the bar and have a fresh beer or sit down with the family and have a great and tasty meal. I believe this branch of restaurants is mainly located in Florida, but they might extend beyond that.

I have found their wings and food to be truly outstanding. They have a wide variety of wings that are really delicious, and some ice cold beer to go along with them. A few years ago I had a great buddy, Jeff, that I used to meet every Tuesday night for wings and beer at Houligan’s in Palm Coast.  Jeff owns and works very hard, which means he also knows how to play very hard. He would work hard all day doing his carpet cleaning in Palm Coast, FL, and had a very successful business. But when we met each Tuesday night for wings and beer, it was time to cut loose and celebrate.

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The Breakers – A Legendary Place

OThe Breakersne of the great party spots with a 50 year history is The Breakers in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It is located in downtown New Smyrna right on Main Street, and right on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is a legendary bar and restaurant, and has deep roots in New Smyrna Beach.

Going all the way back to the 1970s it has been the local hot spot for great happy hours, disco dancing, and a lively bar of fun patrons. The dance floor was a huge debt in the 1970s and 1980s, and even into the 1990s. They have made some changes and the dance floor no longer exists. Now it is just a restaurant with the same long bar sprawling across the entire restaurant.

It started to get run down about 10 years ago, it started to look very bad. The building started to look dilapidated, and the grounds in general were looking unkempt. I know they hired a tree service and landscape company to come in and really give it an overhaul. It has really made a huge difference. The building now looks new and modern, and the trees and landscape also look really nice. This was really a great thing, as the locals were starting to feel sad that The Breakers had gone down.  A little tree trimming in New Smyrna Beach, FL seems to go a long ways!

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