Health Benefits of Red Wine

red-wineThere are many benefits to drinking red wine. It has been well documented that red wine as many heart health benefits, and most doctors agree that one or two glasses of red wine each night can improve your heart health as well as our overall health. But most experts also agree that the key is to not go overboard. This is because if you stop at one or two glasses and you will realize good health benefits, the deep instead you drink eight or 10 glasses of wine than that can be detrimental to your health.

Scientists are not exactly sure why red wine is good for your health but it has been proven to be so. So when you come home after a long day of work before you have dinner, it is not a bad idea to open a bottle of red wine and relax and enjoy yourself. One reason that many doctors think that read wine is a health benefit is because it allows you to relax which reduces stress. And this would make sense because we all know that stress is not good for your health, and can age you in many different ways. Continue reading Health Benefits of Red Wine

Welcome to the Red Lounge

Welcome to the Red Lounge!  We are so glad you are here!  Please grab a seat, relax, and have a glass of your fave Cabernet or domestic beer.  Let’s unwind from a long week, and share stories of your favorite cocktail, favorite lounge, local pub, or whatever is your flavor.

We all love a relaxing cocktail, and many of us have a favorite local happy hour or watering hole.  Your favorite drink probably has a history with you, and at the Red Lounge, we love to hear about it!  We chat about fine wines, mixed drinks, bourbons, German dark beers, or whatever is your cocktail to unwind and connect.

We have heard so many stories and experiences, and at the Red Lounge we love to share advice on really great white wines, smooth Kentucky whiskey, or a special ingredient in your Mother’s Day Bloody Mary.  Sharing is what is interesting, because we all know our own routine up down and side to side, but what is interesting is  to hear a complete stranger’s story from across the country.

Maybe you live in upstate New York, but wouldn’t it be super cool to hear what happy hour is like on Thursday afternoon in a small town in southern Oklahoma?  What the place looks and smells like, and whether the crowd is friendly or tempestuous?  Whether the ladies drink wine or whiskey, and what time is closing time?  That is interesting stuff, and why we like the Red Lounge.

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