Mint Juleps – Kentucky Style

My great aunt, Aunt Geneva, would have no doubt been a legend in the Red Lounge, much like she was in her life. Aunt Jean was from the back woods of Kentucky, and officially called Louisville her hometown.  She was quite the sport, and a true legend.  She passed in 2006 at the age of 86, but even in her final years she mowed her own grass and took care of her own home.

She was also known to love a few great cocktails, and she had a few famous concoctions that were her favorites.  She loved her Manhattans, and she only drank them “up.”  If you ask her where that love came from, she could not even tell you.  But each evening she certainly enjoyed several Manhattans, both before and after dinner.

She also had a love for Early Times whiskey, probably Kentucky’s most famous whiskey.  Early Times is distilled in Shively, Kentucky by the Brown-Forman corporation, which is one of the largest American-owned corporations in the wine and spirits business.  Ironically, her last name was Brown (married name), and although no one could ever prove it, she forever held fast to the belief that she was connected in her bloodline to the Brown-Forman group.

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