Daytona Rising – A Happy Hour for the Ages

Daytona Rising is the new development that Daytona Beach International Speedway just completed. They installed a massive complex that has every entertainment you can possibly imagine. Their tent area has become quite that happy hour party during race week. They serve great food and every alcohol you can imagine. They literally bring in truckloads of beer for that event each year. So you can’t go wrong at this happy hour which happens only twice each year, as they have great food in great drink for you in all of your friends.

The complex itself is really amazing and they spent more than $40,000,000 on the upgrades. It is also a very green construction build, as there are all kinds of energy efficient upgrades throughout the complex. They have solar applications all over the building and all over the stadium to make the entire facility more energy efficient. Their Daytona Beach, FL solar panels are all over the top of the stadium, and you can clearly see that they made the massive investment in solar technology. I would not be surprised if the entire facility is off the grid. It is becoming more and more common to see solar panels Daytona Beach all around the facility, from very large panels to very small panels.

It is very easy to enjoy happy hour and great cocktails when you are part of an incredible complex such as that. All of their facilities including their bars and restaurants have become so nice and really as good as any eating or drinking establishment in the area if. Everything they have now is first class and the bars and restaurants are truly exceptional. It is very easy to forget that you are actually at the racetrack. And the grounds are absolutely beautiful as well. They spent a great deal of money with these upgrades, but between the new restaurants, all of the solar energy upgrades, and the improved appearance of the grounds and facility, it was well worth all of the money that was spent.

Now we does have to find out if if the racing is going to be as good as it always has been. There is no doubt that the facility they have built is one of the finest in the world, but now there needs to be the same level of racing to make it a truly relevant sporting event as it always has been. Sometimes you can build an incredible sports facility, with all of the green energy upgrades and awards for excellence, but if the sporting event involved falls short and it will take away from the overall luster.

Here is a great time lapse of the overall construction:

Next time you’re in Daytona Beach make sure you stop by the new Daytona International Speedway, and check out one of the new eating establishments or bars on site, and you will not be disappointed.

And after you are done a the Speedway, head over to Boothill if you want to really mix it up!

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