Riptides in Ormond Beach

Happy HourRiptides is one of the best bars in Ormond Beach, FL. Its outdoor ambience is just perfect for any spring or summer happy hour at the end of a long work week. It is located near the beach so usually has a nice breeze coming off the ocean. The restaurant inside is very unique in that it has these torches that give it a very rustic look, and also a very warm look. This stuff and waitresses are very friendly and go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable.

At the outdoor bar they have many painted murals that look like they’re from the days of the Roman empire. They’re really fascinating and we’ll just engage you. They also have beautiful trees that overhang the outdoor patio and are shaped in very unique ways. They had Tree Service Ormond do the tree trimming work in tree cutting work, and they really did a phenomenal job. This company’s Ormond Beach tree service is really second to none, and they clearly have the expertise in tree trimming in tree removal.

Another really great thing about the trees outside is that they’re very healthy and very green, even in the wintertime. You just don’t see that very often as most trees and landscape become somewhat brown and less healthy in the winter months. However, the trees and shrubs at Riptides seemed to thrive year round and really don’t need a great deal of tree service to keep them healthy.

Even the parking lot at this very cool restaurant and bar is lined with the tall and beautiful palm trees. palm tree trimming in Ormond Beach, FL is another specialty of this company when performing tree service and they really do an outstanding job. The only way you can tell that these trees are not professionally done is just because the owner told me so.

restaurantThe bar outside is very cool, and is made of solid oak. They have the best in cold as bier in town, and they also have a great selection of red and white wines. My wife likes the red wine at the outdoor bar in each time we go there she loves to sip her red wine and admire of that reshaping on the outdoor patio. If you’ve never seen really beautifully shaped palm trees and oak trees, and you really need to check this place out. You will not be disappointed!

If one last great feature about Riptides and their outdoor bar and restaurant is that the local crowd is very friendly and very happy, and they’re very busy three or four nights each week. So if you’re sitting home and are bored, it is always a good place to just show up and have a really great time. There is never a dull moment at Riptides in Ormond Beach.

Here is a great video showing Riptides:

If you enjoy a Friday afternoon happy hour, make sure to let us know your favorite watering hole!

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