Hyde Park Happy Hour

happy-hour-drinksHyde Park is one of the nice is restaurant-bars in Volusia county. The steaks there are amazing, and it has an outstanding wine list. It also has one of the finest bars I have ever seen. It is so elegant and so refined, and is right on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We went there for our anniversary last summer and spent over $100 at the bar between fine wine and delicious appetizers.

The bar is a refined oak with a beautiful painting mural that reminds you of yesteryear. It just has a look and feel of a timeless place where you just feel very comfortable and really enjoy yourself. It is also a very happening local spot we will likely see many friends from the community. It’s a great place to hang out on a Friday evening and catch up on the week’s events. They have the fireball shot which has become very popular as a whiskey drink. Just don’t drink too many because you will definitely feel it the next day.

After you have a few cocktails and glasses of wine at the bar, it is a good time to move to the restaurants for one of the best steaks or salads you might have ever had. They also have an asparagus salad that is truly delicious. Before you order dinner you have to have one of their ice cold beers in a frozen mug. They’re so delicious and will definitely be the highlight of your week!

happy-hourAnother great thing about this restaurant and bar is that you can see the ocean from every seat in the bar. The beach view is so perfect and so beautiful that it will take your breath away. We like to get there early and just take in the view and really enjoy the scenery. It is nice because the bar itself stretches halfway across the entire restaurant see can really enjoy the ambience and enfvironment can relax after a long work week.

Another great drink at this bar is there margaritas. They lightly salted glass and use 1800 Patrone Tequila and it really has an exceptional taste. Several weeks ago we all met up at happy hour and had margaritas and have a really great time. The drinks and cocktails were so delicious and the appetizers were great to. One thing about margaritas is that you cannot have too many as they are very heavy in calories and will make you feel bloated if you have too many, and not to mention a little tipsy.

If you’re ever in the Volusia county area, we highly recommend Hyde Park for happy hour, and then swing over to Boot Hill for a night cap!

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