Best Wings and Beer in Town

Buffalo WingsA great family friendly bar and restaurant that you must try at some point is Houligan’s. It is a great experience in every way, whether you want to hang out at the bar and have a fresh beer or sit down with the family and have a great and tasty meal. I believe this branch of restaurants is mainly located in Florida, but they might extend beyond that.

I have found their wings and food to be truly outstanding. They have a wide variety of wings that are really delicious, and some ice cold beer to go along with them. A few years ago I had a great buddy, Jeff, that I used to meet every Tuesday night for wings and beer at Houligan’s in Palm Coast.  Jeff owns and works very hard, which means he also knows how to play very hard. He would work hard all day doing his carpet cleaning in Palm Coast, FL, and had a very successful business. But when we met each Tuesday night for wings and beer, it was time to cut loose and celebrate.

Another great entree they have is their prime rib. It will literally melt in your mouth, and it might be the best prime rib that you have ever had. It used to be on special each Tuesday night, so we would often have that with our wings and beer. Although we slowly moved out of this habit of meeting each week, it is still a great memory that I will always cherish. He got so busy with his carpet cleaning business that he just did not have time to hang out anymore. I guess this happens to all of us.

Another thing I appreciate about Houligan’s is how clean and neat they kept their restaurants and bar. There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant with your family to eat, and having it be unclean or even worse smell. They always kept the restaurant and also the bar area very clean, and always smelling like new. I can never remember going there when it was anything other than immaculate.

Happy HourAnother great thing about their bar area is that the beer was always ice cold, and they always serve it in frozen mugs. This is a lot of fun at happy hour, when after a long week of work you get your frozen mug to enjoy your beer. You could literally stand in the bar area and every single patron had a frozen mug in their hand. Now that is how you celebrate happy hour after a long workweek. Nothing will relax you more than a nice cold beer on a Friday afternoon.  Here are some of the best happy hours around.

So if you’re ever in the Palm Coast area, make sure you stop by Houligan’s and experience a great time. And maybe it might even become a tradition for you like it was for me.

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