The Breakers – A Legendary Place

OThe Breakersne of the great party spots with a 50 year history is The Breakers in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It is located in downtown New Smyrna right on Main Street, and right on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is a legendary bar and restaurant, and has deep roots in New Smyrna Beach.

Going all the way back to the 1970s it has been the local hot spot for great happy hours, disco dancing, and a lively bar of fun patrons. The dance floor was a huge debt in the 1970s and 1980s, and even into the 1990s. They have made some changes and the dance floor no longer exists. Now it is just a restaurant with the same long bar sprawling across the entire restaurant.

It started to get run down about 10 years ago, it started to look very bad. The building started to look dilapidated, and the grounds in general were looking unkempt. I know they hired a tree service and landscape company to come in and really give it an overhaul. It has really made a huge difference. The building now looks new and modern, and the trees and landscape also look really nice. This was really a great thing, as the locals were starting to feel sad that The Breakers had gone down.  A little tree trimming in New Smyrna Beach, FL seems to go a long ways!

It is still amazingly popular 50 years later. We went there for lunch last October and it was absolutely packed and festive as ever. It is just a fun seen with lots of positive energy. I have many memories of my family going there in the 1980s when disco dancing was the big hit, and my sisters would go on the dance floor and dance away. It was definitely a very different time, and so many great memories from this era.

The old days of smoking in the bar are long gone, but the bar still has a great feel and is relaxed and comfortable. It is one of those bars that you can just tell there has been a lot of history and probably many great stories from past times.

Bar ViewThe restaurant and bar not only has stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, but also has really great spirits and food. They have a full wine bar, a full liquor bar, and the coldest beer in town. If you want to find a really great happy hour on a Friday afternoon there is no better place then The Breakers in New Smyrna Beach. It is one of those places that you walk in and you can just feel the history. These kind of places are rare to find.

I had heard some years ago that there was even talk about closing the restaurant. I’m very happy that they kept it open as it has too much history that many, many people really appreciate.

The next time you are in the area make sure you stop by. It always has a really happening vibe that is just electric and will draw you in. And the burgers are really outstanding, and the best thing on the menu.

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