Best Happy Hour in Your Town?

Happy hour is it time to relax, unwind and forget about the work week.  It’s a great way to connect with new friends, hang with your buddies, or have a glass of wine with your BFF.  Whatever the reason that you frequent your local happy hour at 5:00 PM each Friday, it has probably become a tradition that you look forward to every single week.  There is no better way to blow off steam then hanging out with good friends over an iced, cold beer.

Happy hour is different for everyone.  I know some guys who are generally middle age, and their idea of happy hour is a pool bar, and a competitive game of darts.  These guys are real animals on the pool table, and these leagues are always fun to watch.  They take it so seriously, and all have eyes on Vegas for the national tournament each year.

I’ve seen guys at my local pool hall shoot darts and rarely miss the bull’s eye.  It is truly incredible to watch, are these guys can be so deadly with a dart in their hand.  It’s always a good time to get together with buddies on a Friday afternoon to drink beer, shoot darts, and play some pool.  Honestly, that is my idea of a great happy hour.  Always laid back, always relaxing, and always a lot of fun.  Now one guy, Barry, was a true legend at our happy hour.  He started off every happy hour with the same shot – half Jagermeister, and half Tequila.  The thought of that is actually paralyzing!  He was a fun guy to drink with at happy hour!

Other people consider happy hour that main 3 hour slot during the week to find love.  They like to go to the local happy hour at restaurant-bars that are nice, but not too stuffy.  Meeting people, especially the ones you have an eye for, is always easier after a couple of cocktails.  This is what makes happy hour are really easy place to meet and connect with people.  Everybody’s guard is down, and open for conversation with a complete stranger that is totally beautiful.

If you are young and looking to meet and find love, do yourself a huge favor.  Do not think for a moment you will find what you are looking for at the crowded dance club with dark lights and loud music.  It will not happen there.  Hit your local happy hour at your local pool bar, or your local restaurant-bar.  It is a much easier place to congregate and talk.

The one thing to keep in mind about happy hour, cocktails, and appetizers, is that if you are on a diet or watching your weight, there is no better place to pile up thousands of calories in a matter of 2-3 hours.  Margaritas are absolutely packed with sugar and calories, and wings are also complete “fat pills,” so you really have to be careful with your calories if you don’t want to gain 3 pounds over the weekend.

Happy hours are a great place to connect, meet great people, unwind after a long week, and maybe even meet Mr. or Miss Right.  Always be careful, but have fun and enjoy the weekend!

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