Boot Hill Saloon

The Boot Hill Saloon is one of the most famous biker bars in the entire world.  It is a legendary place, and one step into this bar lets you know that it has a lot of history and even more stories to go with it.  It’s famous enough to have been featured on the TV show “Born To Ride” which tells you it’s a pretty big deal!

It is probably what most would call a dive bar.  And although it is musty, dusty, and dingy, you also get a feel for its epic power.  One glance around and you see carvings in the wall that are decades old, bras hanging from the ceiling, various memorabilia hanging from the walls, and more.  It really is a historically impressive place.

My family went on vacation last summer with my buddy’s family to Ormond Beach, a beautiful area on the east coast.  It was a tremendous week.  We rented a house that was very nice, and the only downside was that the owner we rented from was installing a solar water heater that week, so it was a little noisy and somewhat of an inconvenience.  I must say, the water heater was amazingly effective and the company that installed it even gave us a free gift card for dinner at TGI Fridays.  I think he thought we were the owner!

Anyway, my buddy and I ventured over to Boot Hill the last Friday night we were there.  We had heard about this place for years, and given its history, we had to check it out.  It has been around for more than 40 years, and it’s very cool because the original bartender from the early 70’s still goes there to hang out on the weekends.   Well that night, we happened to be sitting right next to him.

He told us stories about the good old days, it some of the stories were hard to believe!  There is an old phone booth in one of the corners, and he was telling us that back in the 70’s it was not uncommon for couples to go into this phone booth and have a very good time in full view of everyone.  Crazy!

Before we left, we both bought a “Boot Hill Saloon” T-shirt that I will always treasure.  It is all black, and really a piece of history!  It really is just a super cool place.  Not a place you would want to take the kids, but definitely a vintage spot to stop by for a beer.  The old days of bloody fights are over, and it has mellowed quite a bit from what the locals say.

This is a great video that was featured on the TV Show “Born to Ride” of the Boot Hill Saloon:


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